Fiosraigh 2014: Call for Applications

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) manages the Fiosraigh Scholarship Programme. The Irish word Fiosraigh, which means to explore or inquire, underlines the purpose of this scholarship programme which is to promote the exploration and application of knowledge.

The Fiosraigh Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and research proposals should be aligned with the DIT Research Thematic areas:

  • Environment and Health
  • Information and Media Technologies
  • New Materials and Technologies
  • Society, Culture and Enterprise

  • Scholarship Opportunities for DIT Staff to support a PhD student

    1. Fiosraigh Enterprise Scheme

    2. Fiosraigh Research Excellence Award

    3. Fiosraigh New Supervisor Award

    Scholarship Opportunities for New PhD students

    4. Fiosraigh Dean of Graduate Research Students Award

    Scholarship Opportunities for Current DIT Research Students

    5. Fiosraigh Research Student Internship Award

    6. Fiosraigh Self-Funded Student Scheme

    Scholarship Opportunities for Visiting International Research Students

    7. Government of Ireland -DIT Fiosraigh International Scholarships

    Application Procedures

    All application forms are available here. The deadline to apply for all of the schemes above is 12 noon GMT, May 12th 2014.

    Candidates are advised to consult the Fiosraigh Scholarship Programme 2014: Terms and Conditions before submitting an application. For further information on Fiosraigh, please contact Gerolmina Di Nardo at

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